The smart solution for tablet security and maximum mobility

TabLatchTM is the only iPad security solution that secures, tracks, charges and alerts you to the status of your iPads with a digitally encrypted software app that provides a new level of protection over traditional physical security systems.

  • Dock, charge, secure

  • Unlock with a passcode

  • Go mobile, multiple users, track usage

TabLatch Case

Secures and protects tablets when in use

  • Securely clips into iPad Air™

    iPad Mini™ coming soon

  • Lightweight, streamlined case is easy to carry

  • Durable ABS (Acryonitrile Butadiene Styrene) case

Docking Stations

Secures & charges tablets

Table Mount

Docking station automatically charges tablets

Wall Mount

Wall Mount

Wall mounted docking station secures and charges tablets

Passcode-Protected Security

No more keys, cables or swipe cards. Allows for multiple users, each with personalized passcode

App Software Communication

Enables communication between tablet case and docking station to lock and unlock device

Secure Charging & Docking Station

TabLatch case locks into docking station for secure charging

Rotates on dock

TabLatch case rotates on docking station for optimized viewing and versatility

Sends alerts & reminders

Application software tracks users/tablets and alerts if tablet is not returned to docking station

Track device & user activity

Provides tracking for multiple users and devices


  • Transportation


    • Tablet is mobile for dealership staff

    • Improves customer engagement anywhere at the dealership

    • Sales and service staff have immediate access to information

    • Records and tracks who checked out the tablet

  • Cosmetics


    • Enables Beauty Advisors to fully interact with clients

    • increases shopper’s basket due to cross selling

    • User-friendly training tool for Beauty Advisors

    • Fixed location information station for shoppers

  • Consumer Electronics

    Consumer Electronics

    • Information source as either mobile or secured location

    • Digitally demonstrates products

    • Increases sales through cross selling

    • Customer service tool to greet shoppers and pre-qualify customers

  • Hospitality


    • Mobility gives staff more access/interaction with guests anywhere

    • Faster check-in and check-out to reduce wait times

    • Increased efficiency with instant information for guests

    • Higher ROI in digital device protection/theft barrier with tracking and locking system

  • Education


    • Reduces loss/theft costs with tracking and locking system

    • Increases productivity, no time wasted to access/convey information

    • Tablet is always charged

    • Tracks and alerts supervisors and teachers if tablets are not returned

  • Restaurant & Food Services

    Restaurant & Food Services

    • Reduces labor costs, order entry errors and wait time

    • Improves wait staff efficiency with fully mobile tablets

    • Enhances menu presentation with visuals of entrees and specials

    • Increases sales and enhances customers’ experience

  • Healthcare


    • Tablet is fully mobile for staff

    • Only allows authorized personnel to unlock the tablet

    • Productivity increases, tablet is always charged

    • Can be a centralized information station when locked in a docking station


6.86 17.42
TabLatch Case Blueprint 1
1.01 2.56
TabLatch Case Blueprint 2
5.59 14.2
6.7 17.02
TabLatch Dock Blueprint
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  • 10.29" x 6.86" x 1.01"
  • 26.14 x 17.42 x 2.56 cm
  • 4.08" x 5.59" x 6.7"
  • 10.36 x 14.2 x 17.02 cm
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  • 0.4 pounds
  • 0.18 kg
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  • Black
  • White
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In The Box

  • iPad Case
  • Keys
  • Dock Unit
  • Power Brick
  • Attachment Bracket
  • Hardware (4 Screws)
  • Wall Mounting Ring
  • Instructions

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